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    May 11, 2012 by Ryll Shados

    Okey doke, so you guys want to have a bit of an idea of where I am going with my story. I don't want to give too much away, but you should know some things.

    1: Ryll is developing a bit of telepathy from contact with Sindanar, so if you guys know, she'll know before long. That also means that you guys knowing that she can't know something is going to start pressing ere long.

    2: Sindanar is NOT EVIL. Let's get that said now, otherwise I'm sure I'll hear it somewhere.

    3: You guys have seen the Shadow and zerk mode. Things are going to get to a point where that part of things takes over a bit, so I will end up with Sindanar as my sole chara at some point, which will mean I'll need another bearer for the story. No dropping me down a well.


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