So I have yet another idea, Yandra is going to be a mage with remarkable dark matter abilities. Its not ACTUALLY real life dark matter. Its just what I think would be awesome as dark matter. She would levitate as 'walking' because she is too lazy to walk. Ik. She would levitate, be able to manipulate orbs of dark matter, having a long range with her power. By how much energy she puts into it, she can make it so things pass through it, or if its solid. If she puts enough energy in it, it can and will become a very small ranged black hole. It is unable to pull living things into it, but objects ARE affected. She is able to create a shield, but it doesn't last for long. She can momentarily pick up a living thing, but if the thing inside is powerful enough her grasp is easily broken. If anybody has any questions on something I missed or anything else, leave a comment below. 

-DCG your friendly neighborhood dragon

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