About one in every million sentient beings are born with a "spark", a dormant power that can be hidden for many years. When a mortal born with the spark is put into a tense or dangerous situation, their spark may ignite, permanently turning them into a planeswalker. Once one has become a planeswalker, they have access to a large range of spells and abilities. In addition, a planeswalker can travel between different worlds in the blink of an eye (however, this takes a bit of energy and requires a great deal of focus). Planeswalkers can summon creatures to aid them in battle as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that planeswalkers are far from immortal; they can die from anything including violence or natural aging, if the causes are severe enough. Planeswalkers are only slightly stronger than the average specimen of their species.

The spark that creates a planeswalker cannot be artificially created. It can be transferred from one mortal to another, but doing so puts the donor of the spark at risk of death. A spark cannot be transferred genetically. A spark is part of a creature's soul. An igniting spark is also referred to as "flaring" or "ascending".

An example of a planeswalker is Graax Firewalker.

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